What is Shiba Toby token (SHBT)?

Shiba Toby is the next decentralized cryptocurrency token on the binance smart chain network. Shiba Toby has learned a few tricks and lessons from his meme father, Shiba!
We think our strengths are our transparency & our work to push this project as high as possible. And of course, as a Shiba Toby holder, you are basically paid to hold the token.
Shiba Toby is the ultimate all-in-one token, providing the very best in cutting edge coding. We have created a token that rewards like never before. You get 5% reward for each sell transaction. A hyper-deflationary token with an automatic distribution of rewards. NO BURN TOKENS !. SHBT provides a unique, new and exciting way to safely invest your finances.
Bob sell SHBT.
50.000.000 (5%) are distributed to holders
5.000.000 (0.5%) are distributed to marketing
The total fee is * 5.5% = 55.000.000



Your road on Shiba Toby...


Smeel the moment and BUY now SHBT!


If you sell, you will lose money!


Praise yourself and go to top 50 holders


Share us a love and suggest to other people about us


Do nothing and earn money. 5% Reward for staking guarantee


If you sell your SHBT, another holders will win and you will lose!


If you already sold your SHBT, you will be broken because will grow up fast!


You made profit? Run with the money or stake much time and get much money

How to get the reward?

Simple. 3 Steps and you’re done. All is automatically
1. Buy now SHBT !
2. Stake your SHBT tokens for a long period
3. Enjoy your bonus when other holders sell
You are the winner !
Be on top 6 holders and you will get till 50% reward guaranteed !
We will reward the holders

Top 6 holders

  • Be on top 6 Holders and get free SHBT

    If you are on top 6, you are the best and we will reward you.

  • How much?

    Too much money ! TOO MUCH !

  • What will I get?

    SHBT, lol ! MONEY !

  • When you reward me??

    On 2022/Jan/20
+50% of total amount
8.548.681.543 SHBT
+40% of total amount
7584777205 SHBT
+35% of total amount
6.922.879.905 SHBT
+30% of total amount
6.849.003.402 SHBT
+20% of total amount
6.758.337.076 SHBT
+15% of total amount
6.659.999.244 SHBT

Shibanomics and Token distribution

50% Presale

20% Public Sale (FINISHED...)

10% Airdrop

10% Top 6 Holders (FINISHED...)

5% Marketing

5% Dev & Team


Total Supply:

Symbol: SHBT

Decimals: 18

Holders: +2500

Contract: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Burned: 0

Liquidity lock: 365 days

Reward tax: 5%

Marketing tax: 0.5%

Total taxes: 5% + 0.5% = 5.5%


Stage 1

Smart contract created
Website Launch
Telegram, Twitter etc.

Stage 2

Shiba Toby is born!
Shiba Toby Game (BETA TESTING)
Marketing push

Stage 3

Influencer marketing push
Private sale & airdrop

Stage 4

Token distribution
Burn tokens
Pancakeswap listing

Stage 5

Lock LP - 12 Months
5.000 Holders!
BscScan Social Update

Stage 6

Nomics listing
Coinmarketcap listing
Coingecko listing

Stage 7

Shiba Toby GAME V1
Shiba Toby GAME Multiplayer

Estimations price with 1.000$ invest


After 2 months


After 6 months


After 12 months
Every day lots of wins

Be One of the best investor !

Stake your coins and get bonuses on every transaction. Your tokens can be doubled after 6 months and you don't have to do nothing. And this is not all... also, after the token grow up, you can win 1000% from your investment
Buy now !

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